Media Coverage

A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Former CS @ ILLINOIS Teaching Professor Cinda Heeren

Expanding The Pipeline: Toward Gender Parity in CS @ ILLINOIS

November 13, 2017  

Computing Research News -- Former CS @ ILLINOIS Teaching Professor Cinda Heeren, Assistant Engineering Dean Susan Larson, and Associate Head of Department Lenny Pitt explain how the department works to increase the number of women it enrolls. 

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Study Finds Mass Killings Happen Randomly, And At A Steady Rate

October 18, 2017  

The Daily Mail (UK) - A study led by CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson finds that mass killings in the United States have happened at a steady rate over the past decade. The study was widely covered, included other reports by CBS Chicago, Chicago Tonight on WTTW, and ACM Tech News.

CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher

Bringing IOT To The Battlefield

October 17, 2017  

WILL’s The 21st -- CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher joins the daily talk show to discuss his new work for the Army Research Laboratory on bringing the Internet of Things to combat. Professor Abdelzaher also spoke at length on the Internet of Battlefield Things with the STACEY ON IOT podcast (interview begins at 31 minutes):

Eight new faculty members have joined the Department of Computer Science.

CS Department Hires 8 Faculty Members To Meet An Increasing Number Of Freshmen

October 11, 2017  


Daily Illini -- Coverage of the department's addition of eight new faculty members as demand for CS degrees from Illinois drives enrollment increases.

CS Associate Professor Matthew Caesar

Websites Hacked To Mint Crypto-cash

October 9, 2017 -- Assistant Professor Matthew Caesar talks about hackers surreptitiously installing code that allows them to use cloud-based computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, and work Caesar and Illinois Computer Science PhD student Rashid Tahir are doing to develop a monitoring system to detect mining software. 

CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher

University of Illinois Leads $25 Million Military Technology Initiative

October 6, 2017  

Chicago Tribune -- CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher is leading a new $25 million effort for the Army Research Laboratory to bring the Internet of Things to the battlefield. The news was also widely reported elsewhere, including by The Associated Press:

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Algorithms Supercharged Gerrymandering. We Should Use Them to Fix it

October 3, 2017  

Motherboard - Research from CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson and others finds that algorithms could provide the bipartisan answer to the question of how to draw up congressional districts. The research was also covered elsewhere, including this article in Pacific Standard

Google’s vice president of engineering and a CS @ ILLINOIS alumni Anna Patterson

Anna Patterson Talks Gradient Ventures, Google’s New AI Fund

July 11, 2017  

Techcrunch -- Anna Patterson, Google’s vice president of engineering and a CS @ ILLINOIS alumni (PhD '98), talks about Gradient Ventures, the company's new investment fund targeting AI-related startups. Patterson also is Gradient's managing partner. “The biggest benefit for Google is spurring innovation in the AI space,” she says.

Why tech leaders should always keep an eye on academia

February 23, 2017  

The Enterprisers Project — Q & A with CS @ ILLINOIS faculty member Brighten Godfrey, who co-founded Veriflow and serves as the company’s CTO.  

43 most powerful women engineers

February 22, 2017  

Business Insider — LinkedIn Senior Software Engineer Kamilah Taylor (MS CS '10) was recognized as one of the most powerful women in technology. In addition to her contributions to enhancing LinkedIn products, Taylor is perhaps best known as an advocate for women and people of color in the tech industry. 

Airport security expert weighs in

February 21, 2017  

CBS News — CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson comments on airport security measures and a recent breach at JFK airport in February. 

Google's chief white-hat hacker

February 21, 2017  

The Weekend Austrailian — Parisa Tabriz (BS CS '06), security chief for Google Chrome, discussed a variety of security issues like http vs https web sites, Internet of Things hacking risks, and password management. 

Sports equipment sensors send data directly to coach's smartphone

February 16, 2017  

R&D Magazine — CS Affiliate faculty member Romit Roy Choudhury has developed advanced motion tracking algorithms that precisely track movement and accurately characterize 3D ball motion.

Girls Who Code

February 15, 2017  

The Daily Illini — In partnership with CS @ ILLINOIS, a Champaign-Urbana chapter of Girls Who Code has launched this semester, encouraging middle and high school girls to learn about computer programming.

Picking the perfect March Madness bracket

February 15, 2017 — Arash Khatibi (MS CS '16) discusses how difficult it is to pick a perfect bracket in men's NCAAA basketball.

A high-tech difference maker

February 12, 2017  

The News-Gazette — Doctoral student Cosmin Radoi describes his work on automatic code evolution, a technology he is developing in CS Professor Grigore Rosu's research lab.

Chris Lattner

Tesla is snatching Apple's stars to make itself the new Apple

January 13, 2017  

Wired - Chris Lattner (MS ’02, PhD ‘05), creator of LLVM and Swift, described as “a rock star among software engineers,” is one of several former Apple employees joining Tesla Motors.

Chris Lattner

Tesla hires Apple’s creator of Swift as new VP of Autopilot Software

January 10, 2017  

TechCrunch - Chris Lattner (MS ’02, PhD ’05), creator of LLVM and Swift, has joined Tesla Motors as Vice President of Autopilot Software.

How secure are our airports?

January 6, 2017  

CNN - In the wake of the Ft. Lauderdale shooting, CS Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson's op-ed explains why airports will continue to be targets.

Forbes 30 Under 30

January 3, 2017  

Forbes - Former CS student Cory Levy, co-founder and COO of After School, was named to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.