From Computational Genomics To Precision Medicine

October 29, 2016   Precision medicine—using an individual’s specific genetic profile to help prevent, diagnose, and treat disease—seems to be just on the horizon. Read how CS @ ILLINOIS researchers are bringing it closer to a reality.
CS graduate student Matthew Sinclair with 1986 Turing Award winner Robert Tarjan.

Meeting the rock stars of CS and mathematics fields

October 24, 2016   Three CS @ ILLINOIS graduate students were among 200 young researchers worldwide to participate in the annual Heidelberg Forum.
Kevin Chang

Illinois team lands major NSF funding to bring spreadsheets into "Big Data" era

October 18, 2016   Chang, Karahalios and Parameswaran received $1.8 million to develop DataSpread, a system that holistically unifies spreadsheets and database systems.
Professor Grigore Rosu

Rosu earns ASE Most Influential Paper award for work that helped launch runtime verification field

October 17, 2016   Rosu's 2001 paper bridged two seemingly different software engineering areas: testing and formal verification.
CS and Medical Information Science Professor Bruce Schatz

Movement analysis app detects level of lung disease

October 14, 2016   CS Professor Bruce Schatz's group has developed technology that enables a smartphone to accurately predict the severity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Dr. Jeanette M. Wing

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Jeannette M. Wing

October 11, 2016   Dr. Jeannette M. Wing will discuss how Microsoft Research’s partnerships with academia touch science, technology, and society.
CS Professor Bill Gropp

Gropp Recognized for Major Contributions to High Performance Computing

October 6, 2016   CS Professor Bill Gropp has been named the recipient of the 2016 ACM/IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award.
Thomas M. Siebel

Alumnus Siebel donates $25 million for innovative design center

October 5, 2016   New Siebel Center for Design will be a campus-wide hub for student-focused design thinking and learning. The state-of-the-art facility is the latest major gift from CS alumnus Tom Siebel.
Dr. Eric Horvitz

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Eric Horvitz

October 3, 2016   Eric Horvitz, Director of Microsoft Research Redmond, will discuss the promise of people and machines using data, learning, and reasoning to address challenges in science, society, and daily life.
Joel Poloney

Google's Corporate Match Boosts Poloney's Gift

October 1, 2016   By taking advantage of Google’s Company Match Program, Joel Poloney has directed $10,000 to help students through the Visionary Scholarship Initiative and the CS Annual Fund.
Sibin Mohan

Multi-university project to build more robust and secure manufacturing systems

September 30, 2016   Sibin Mohan is leading Illinois's portion of a multi-university project that is seeking to detect and correct faculty faults and cyberattacks in real time.
Founder Professors Timothy Chan & Dan Roth

Two CS Faculty Among Five New Founder Professors

September 29, 2016   Computer science faculty members Timothy Chan and Dan Roth are among five new Founder Professors in the College of Engineering.
Dr. David Garlan

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. David Garlan

September 27, 2016   David Garlan, an ACM and IEEE Fellow, will discuss recent advances in Self-Adaptive Systems, an emerging field within software engineering that promises to address challenges in dependability, security, and usefulness.
Dr. Mihai Pop

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Mihal Pop

September 26, 2016   Mihai Pop, past co-leader of the data analysis working group for the NIH Human Microbiome Project, will give an overview of the metagenomics field and describe his lab’s recent results related to human health.
Dr. David Blei

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. David Blei

September 19, 2016   David Blei will present his research on collaborative topic models—models that simultaneously analyze a collection of documents and the behavior of the collection’s users.

Two with ties to CS inducted into Engineering Hall of Fame

September 18, 2016  

In September, scientific computing pioneer Gene Golub (BS 1953 – math, MA 1954 – math, PhD 1959 – math, Honorary doctorate 1991) and CS alumnus Peng Ong (MS 1988) were inducted into the Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame, a distinction reserved for engineering alumni and other affiliates who have significant achievements that have impacted society.

CS @ ILLINOIS welcomes nine new faculty!

CS @ ILLINOIS Welcomes Ten New Faculty

September 17, 2016   Ten outstanding new faculty members are joining CS @ ILLINOIS during the academic year. In total, twenty-nine talented teachers and researchers have joined the department since 2013.
Meet the 2017 class of Siebel Scholars from CS @ ILLINOIS.

CS @ ILLINOIS Siebel Scholars Class of 2017

September 13, 2016   Meet the 2017 class of Siebel Scholars from CS @ ILLINOIS: Chamila Amithirigala, Spencer Gordon, Wenqi He, Dengfeng Li, and Vipul Venkataraman.
Dr. Martial Hebert

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Martial Hebert

September 6, 2016   Martial Hebert, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Computer Vision, will discuss the issues involved in developing robust machine vision systems and ideas about how to address them.
CS: The Foundation of Modern Life.

CS: The Foundation of Modern Life.

August 29, 2016   The arts, science, business, medicine, and engineering all benefit from the computational power, modeling, and thinking found in computer science. CS @ ILLINOIS faculty are bringing their expertise to bear on vexing issues in a wide variety of fields.